In the unfortunate event your denture has broken, or a tooth has chipped, we are here to help you get your denture fixed. We can offer you quality and quick turn around times, using our high impact repair acrylics we are confident you will be very pleased with our results.

If you start to notice that you are repairing your denture more frequently, this may be a underlying cause in its original design and we urge you to see a Clinical Dental Technician, Jonathan will be more than happy to offer you solutions, as spending your time repairing problem dentures in the long run is false economy.


If you have a missing tooth or a few missing natural teeth, we can add new denture teeth onto your existing plate, or a clasp to help aid retention.

We can colour match new teeth and match tooth moulds from premium tooth manufactures we use, to give you the best possible results. We bond the new teeth on using high impact acrylics, and even metal tags for extra strength if you happen to have a tight bite.


If you feel that your denture is loose, we offer a quality reline service. This allows us to take a detailed impression of the fitting surfaces within the denture, and create a new acrylic fitting surface which gives you extra support and retention in both upper and lower jaws.

Jonathan can offer you two options with relines,


We replace the original denture fitting surface with a high impact acrylic, similar to the original plate.


We replace the original denture fitting surface with a semi flexible softer rubber, this help with comfort.


Please contact a member of the team if you have any questions or queries.